At FlightWerkz,

We have been building and painting high end RC Aircraft for over 25 years. We specialize in high end builds for the most demanding clients. We perform builds on Skymaster, Airworld, Mibo, Comp ARF and Tomahawk aircraft as well as other manufacturers. Our Air conditioned, 2500 sqft facility provides an optimal enviroment for your aircraft while in our care! 


Before starting FlightWerkz, Danny Diaz was a commercial helicopter pilot, military helicopter flight instructor and Night Vision Goggle instructor so he can appreciate the need for precision, well installed components and craftsmaship. What we fly are not very different from full scale and only that level of professionalism belongs in your RC aircraft. 

FlightWerkz also produces custom and enhancing components for your projects. Our products are made here in th U.S.A, which guarantees the best quality! For most of our aluminum products, we use true, T6 6061 in most cases and with the tightest tolerances. Unlike overseas manufacturers, you can be sure it is the best money can buy and were not here to compete with their prices. If you want a quality product, this is where you get it! Made here, in the USA.

The Best Results, Period

With FlightWerkz, you will get the most professional service and the best results. We are a USA based company out of Florida. Whether it is a Mibo A-10, Airworld F-104 or Skymaster's new larger aircraft, you will get the best build with the level of detail you expect and then some. At FlightWerkz, we believe beauty is more than just an amazing exterior. Our interiors are our specialty and we think it should reflect the exterior. You wouldn't pay for a ferrari if the inside was not as beautiful as the outside, would you? So why pay high prices for half a build job? FlightWerkz provides building services for thee most demanding clients.